Latest Records

  • Aircraft Beechcraft B95A Travelair 22-07-2014

  • Aircraft Piper PA31P-425 Navajo 22-07-2014

  • Aircraft Beechcraft BE-80 Excalibur 22-07-2014

  • Aircraft Embraer EMB-135 08-07-2014

  • Aircraft Cessna 182 05-07-2014

  • Aircraft Cessna 172SP 05-07-2014

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2014 annual records!

Happy New Year to you all! The start of a new year means the start of new yearly records. Get your camera ready as any record will be a new record...

Low & Slow

We achieved 25kts groundspeed during a TV-relay flight for a bicycle race in Southern France with the Mistral blowing. Flying circles (1Nm wide) to...